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A copy made of a data file (or many files) so that it can be replaced in the event of data loss. A backup should be made to a separate computer or portable media - otherwise if your hard disk crashes, you'll lose your backup too. Common backup media includes CD-Rs and DVD-RWs, as well as Zip disks, tapes and portable external hard drives.

"There is one certainty with computers."
"That is the fact that systems will fail and data will corrupt."

Questions You Need To Ask:

  • What would you do if the system failed and was unavailable?
  • Do people rely on the system for the day to day running of the company?
  • Do you have a recovery procedure WHEN your system fails?
  • If you lost all the data from the system what would be the cost to replace and re-input all the information? How long has it taken to implement the existing system?
  • Does your insurance cover you for loss of electronic data if you do not have planned backups and offsite copies of your data.
  • Can your business carry on running without your computer systems?

If your company has bought a new server or has an existing server, what value does the organisation place on that piece of equipment and what value do you place on the business function it supports. If there is a high cost of installing the server and you rely on the equipment for the day to day running of your company you really should backup the system.

Solution-i can provide a comprehensive service which will include regular monitoring of your backups to minimise the cost to your business should a system fail.

Services Provided:

  • Consultancy detailing the best method for backing up your systems.
  • Installation and configuration of recommended backup software.
  • Checks of backups, configuration and automation of backup processes.

Our aim is to simplify your backups to minimise the time you spend on what is a necessity.

Disaster recovery is something every business should consider but the costs very often make this prohibitive.

In the event of a big problem such as office flooding or fire Solution-I will work with you to get your business back on track as soon as possible.

The systems can be replaced and backups can be restored if you have recent good backups. If the worst case scenario occurs and you have no backup and a recovery is not possible from your old equipment we will help to put in place a solution to get you back in business.

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